Hosting, Managing, And Supporting Business Applications For Your It Networks

NOVIX Network Specialists, Inc. was started in April of 1995 in a basement in Geneva. It quickly became apparent that the floor was too cold, and a large 400 square foot office was rented within the week.

Within two years NOVIX had outgrown the small office and moved into a palatial 800 sq. foot office building on the west side of St. Charles. Along with the growth in client base and office space came the addition of Employees.

Once again, within two years NOVIX had outgrown the tiny office and purchased an oversized office condominium of 2400 square feet, also in St. Charles.

Originally NOVIX offered networking services using Novell and UNIX from which the name NOVIX is derived. As always, NOVIX sizes, designs, builds and maintains Servers, Workstations, and PC’s to match each client’s unique needs. Our current networking products encompass not only internal networking with primarily Microsoft networking software, but also external, Internet needs which are much more complex, particularly security.

Our client base has ranged from single PC offices to international clients with over a hundred PC’s. Our PC’s can be found in Fort Knox and the Guggenheim Museum for lighting controls. We design specific workstations for CAD systems’ heavy 3D graphics needs, Servers that are used for database harvesting, as well as the office PC’s used to run QuickBooks® and browse the Internet.

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