Disaster / Data Recovery Services

Stabilize your business IT operations and keeping them that way

Your server goes down, and your business comes to a halt. Your hard drive crashes, taking your company’s accounting system with it.

Calm down. Call NOVIX.

NOVIX Network Specialists, an outsourced IT resource, will stabilize your business IT operations and keeping them that way. So when disaster strikes, it makes sense to turn to a trusted, 20-year-old company with industry expertise and an unmatched focus on customer needs.

Emergency Server Repairs

NOVIX technicians are the best in the business at restoring a downed server in the least amount of time possible. NOVIX staff are trained, experienced and possess the skill sets necessary to solve your problems. When a server goes down, NOVIX technicians stay on the job for however long it takes to get you running again.

Data Recovery

NOVIX has the ability, in many cases, to recover files from corrupted or nonfunctioning hard drives. Some companies fail to back up their computers, while others have never tested their backup systems and discover too late that their backup files do not have everything they need to recover.

NOVIX has extensive experience at recovering files from broken hard drives and is often successful when other companies fail. NOVIX takes a picture of the data on the nonfunctioning hard drive and then installs the picture on a new drive or external hard drive. It also works with Seagate, which offers another level of data recovery using a clean room.

Experience Fewer Data Emergencies

NOVIX insulates you from most disaster/data recovery issues by showing you how to follow best practices. These include replacement of aging equipment before it fails and proper monitoring for viruses and backups.

NOVIX provides a monitoring service that can spot a virus before you are even aware of it. This allows NOVIX to fix the issue quickly to minimize or prevent any data corruption or loss.

NOVIX monitoring services also check to see that backups are run correctly. If someone forgets to change the backup tape or a power outage occurs, for example, NOVIX will alert you to back up files as soon as possible.

NOVIX Brings Peace of Mind

Backed up by NOVIX experience, expertise, best-practice advice and monitoring service, NOVIX business clients can focus on what counts: the bottom line.

Call 630.443.0036 today to speak to a knowledgeable professional about NOVIX IT solutions for your business. Or simply fill out the contact form to the right and a representative will respond shortly.

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