Hosting, Managing, And Supporting Business Applications For Your It Networks

NOVIX Network Specialists is a managed and professional services organization that will help you effectively and efficiently understand and integrate the complex world of computer technology for your business.

Our experienced industry professionals provide a variety of services to help businesses like yours face escalating and unpredictable IT spending, increased network downtime and technology failures which impact your profitability.

NOVIX will help to stabilize your IT budget, ensure your invaluable business tools are always available, which ultimately allows you to focus on what matters most: Your business, your customers and your bottom line.

We deliver innovative and tailored solutions to serve your business needs

Managed Services Monitor Critical IT Systems

The Managed Services solution provides uninterrupted, automated monitoring of your critical systems 24/7, 365 days a year. The industry experts at NOVIX will monitor your technology environment’s key performance indicators to identify any number of issues, including:

  • Storage limits
  • Performance degradation
  • Component failures.

In many cases, the professional Managed Services monitoring solutions at NOVIX allow our IT experts to proactively notify you of impending issues, so you can avoid them before they impact your business.

Computer network failures can happen at any time. In the event of critical device failure during off-hours, we can have a technician ready first thing in the morning, eliminating any delay inherent in the early morning discovery by your staff.

Strategic Planning Provides Essential IT Solutions

NOVIX Network Specialists will provide your business with the knowledge and experience of a large corporation Chief Information Officer (CIO) to help with IT budgetary planning issues without putting one on your payroll.

Large companies frequently employ a CIO who is responsible for the corporation’s computer technology budgets, updates and upkeep. The CIO provides technological strategic direction while managing the people, systems and processes required to run a network effectively. A small business simply does not have the resources to afford such a position, which results in the neglect of strategic attention and planning.

Our team of industry professionals at NOVIX will act in that role for your business, providing essential services for the use and integration of your information technology, including:

  • Regular IT strategy meetings with your executive team
  • Analysis and advice on new technology
  • Active planning for IT spending
  • Proactive analysis of network design and security
  • Assistance with disaster recovery planning and regulatory compliance
  • Linking overall business and IT needs
  • Review and discussion of network activity and reporting
  • Oversight and management of all aspects of the program
Professional Services for Your Computing Infrastructure

NOVIX Network Specialists will approach your business’ digital networks and applications with the same infrastructure considerations as a public utility, such as power and water.

The goal of the NOVIX Professional Services solution is to provide that reliability for your organization’s computing infrastructure so when you flip the switch, the lights come on. In order to provide that kind of technical analysis and reliability, certain tasks requiring expensive tools need to be performed in real-time, while other tasks are performed in increments, often mandating predefined processes.

As a NOVIX client, your business will benefit from the investments already made in tools, processes, and people. The Systems Administrator we assign to your account will use our enterprise-class tools to make sure your network is as reliable and secure as it can be.

  • The benefits of Professional Services with NOVIX include:
  • Server and workstation monitoring
  • Antivirus and spyware quarantines
  • Backup job monitoring, review, and test restore
  • Critical service monitoring
  • Configuration optimization
  • Backup and storage of router and firewall configurations
  • Ensure proper firmware updates and patches are applied to solid state devices (firewalls, routers, and switches)
  • HIPAA policy enforcement
Technical Services with Unlimited Reactive Support

When your network is not working, neither is your staff. If a handheld device will not synch, if a computer is not functioning, or if a printer cannot print, your workers need help now. They want the problem to be addressed and solved by technicians who understand the underlying issue they are facing.

At NOVIX, you will not suffer with inadequate reactive support. You will have unlimited access to the NOVIX Response Center (Help Desk) through our online portal or you can speak to an office professional by phone.

Projects Additions, Upgrades from Certified Engineers

If your business is building, upgrading or adding new network infrastructure and functionality, the experienced, certified systems engineers and proven deployment methodology at NOVIX ensure new technologies are implemented with minimal business interruption.

We start with the NOVIX Fulfillment Framework, which includes a complete requirements analysis and comprehensive project plan. This plan is followed step-by-step throughout the installation to guarantee your project’s success.

Business IT Services

Among the professional business IT services the industry experts at NOVIX will perform for your specific needs:


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