Start-Ups and Established SMB’s

Years of experience working with young companies

Start-ups have a DNA all their own. They are unlike any other type of company. To support them effectively, you have to understand them. And we do. We have years of experience working with young companies, expertly helping them set up, upgrade and expand IT services and support to accommodate rapid growth and new demands.

Let us help your start up company reach its full potential. Through our services we can help make sure that you are getting the correct IT support and services that you need to be successful in whatever the industry is. We can work together to develop the best course of action for your IT solutions.

At NOVIX, we will work with you to:

  • Identify your specific needs and requirements now and in the future.  We look at the way your business uses Internet, infrastructure and software. We then explain your options from a functional level and check this against network solutions available to your business.
  • Recommend network solution, infrastructure, business applications and a plan for providing ongoing services and support that meet your budget and are flexible enough to accommodate growth and other business changes.
  • Implement initial hardware, software and services, and set up individual users, whether remotely or face-to-face.
  • Get to know all the people at the organization and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out to any member of our team with even the smallest problem or technical consideration.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and recommendations for upgrades/change.
  • Offer immediate support in the event of a crisis situation.

And established SMB’s:

Starting out, companies with limited resources take a variety of approaches to IT services and support. Some small business computer support is organized as a work with freelancers on an as-needed basis; other companies subscribe to generalized cloud-based services for getting small business it solutions and it support. Nearly all of them invest in business it support services and technologies that don’t accommodate new demands as the company grows and changes.

We’re extremely familiar with the challenges in the sphere of the small business IT consulting that growing companies face. Our team of IT professionals is accustomed to coming into an organization, evaluating the effectiveness of existing investments and augment practices and technology to ensure they are aligned with the new goals and needs of the company. Careful evaluation is the first step towards the creation of stable and working strategy of IT solutions for small business.

We also understand that every business is different, with specific, unique requirements and therefore it services for small businesses depend on the type of company’s activities. We approach each and every organization with an open mind and provide customized IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

At NOVIX, we will work with you to provide the ultimate small business technology solutions, and ensure that your network, infrastructure and software are meeting the demands of your changing business and growing pool of employees. We know that if possible, you want to leverage existing investments—stretching your IT dollars without taking on too much risk.

Call 630.443.0036 today to speak to a knowledgeable professional about NOVIX IT solutions for your business. Or simply fill out the contact form to the right and a representative will respond shortly.

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